Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fashion and movie

people can not walk without cloth, celebrities need fashion outfit. Film industry and fashion industry is one union, they influence each other. The red carpet on Cannes Film Festival and Oscar is the prove that fashion and film industry are linked. The red carpet is like a runway show as well as a campaign for all of the high end brands.  celebrities are competing with each other secretly, as they are competing the taste of fashion and attention from the audience. celebrities also became the live advertisement for all these brands.
Classis movie always can influence the trend of fashion. Beautiful garment can boost the box office higher. For example in the movie Titanic, the rich changes their outfits four times a day, that gives the costume designer the opportunity to showcase more of their garment in the movie. when the movie present to us on the screen, we can see there are many gorgeous and stunning outfits wearing by the character and indeed these costumes wow us and added a touch of color to the film and fulfill  the Aesthetic of the movie. These costumes became part of the classic and will influence audience for a long time.
Another example is the asian movie In The Mood For Love. The movie star Maggie Cheung dressing all kinds of cheongsam in this movie and all these cheongsam dress highlights the charm and eastern feminine of the actress. After the movie out on the screen, audience were crazy of the cheongsam dress and the dress has been on trend for a year.


In The Mood For Love:

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