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Culture and background influence film and fashion

Many movies are reflection of the current environment and background of the era through the way the actors or actress are dressing, their hair style and make up, the way they behave as well as the setting of the scene. Fashion normally comes from culture. For example, "Ideal" is defined at a particular moment and particular time. In the 80', the ideal man should be a masculinities however nowadays masculinitiesare not ideal anymore. 1950s is the era of epic films and since television come into people's live, television become a threat to films. the film is 1950s also affected by the post cold war. "In the period following WWII when most of the films were idealized with conventional portrayals of men and women, young people wanted new and exciting symbols of rebellion. Hollywood responded to audience demands - the late 1940s and 1950s saw the rise of the anti-hero" (1950s Film History). Therefore, people starts to focus on American films. Many countries are imported films from US and UK, and people in 1950s can have impact from America and British films as they can watch the film via television and cinema.
There are many changes in terms of clothing in the 50s. In This period, fashions are expensive
because the effects after the war. When comparing outfits from 50s movies and in reality, the style is alike:

Women started wearing A line skirts.
- Women changed from traditional shawls to some kind of trendy coats.
- Long knee length coats, with loose sleeves are popular at that time
- Fur coats are popular too but only for the affordable ones.
An imitation fur has been made for the ones who can't buy expensive fur.
- Stiff and starched petticoats are common at that time
- Flowers, stripes, spots, abstract shapes and Leopard prints are also a rage in the fifties.
- Garments were fitted at the waist area and make a girl more feminine look
(source from: All About 1950s Fashion, Defavu Magazine,

Lana Turner in Imitation of Life:

Outfits from movie Far From Heaven:

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